Energy Storage & Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

Solar Battery Rebates California

 The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) gives you financial rebates for the installation of eligible renewable technologies that are installed to meet electric energy needs of a facility.

The intent behind the SGIP is for you to contribute to Greenhouse Gas emission and demand reductions, decreased customer electricity expenses, resulting in the energy system.

Don’t wait for the next outage!

Energy Storage - LADWP solar home battery

LADWP – Outages Map

California home battery rebate - Energy Storage

SCE – Outages Map

residential solar panels Battery cost -Energy Storage Rebate

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Our energy storage solution (ESS) supported application are:

  • Backup
  • Self-Consumption of Solar PV Power
  • Time of use load shifting
  • TOU arbitration.
  • Peak Demand Shaving – Commercial.

Energy Storage Incentives per Watt-hour (Wh)

Step 1 - EndedStep 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
Energy Storage$/Wh$/Wh$/Wh$/Wh$/Wh
Large Storage (>10kW)$0.50$0.40$0.35$0.30$0.25
Large Storage Claiming ITC$0.36$0.29$0.24$0.19$0.14
Residential Storage (<=10kW)$0.50$0.40$0.35$0.30$0.25

Enphase Energy Power Storage - Backup Home Energy Storage

LG Chem - Solar Storage Battery - TOU - Arbitrage Saving

How Much Money Does Solar Storage Battery Really Save On Your Power Bill?

Self-Consumption of Solar PV Power

Get Ready to upcoming Net Energy Metering (NEM) 2.0 – Reduce your energy transportation!

TOU Arbitration Example

Ex. Energy Storage Arbitrage - Update Apr-2017
Southern California Edison (SCE) -Time-of-Use (TOU) Residential Rate
Battery: LG Chem 9.8 kWh - RESU10 / (Assuming 8.8kWh usable energy per day)
TOU-D Option A (TOU-D-A)
PeriodHigh PeakBaseVarianceSavings
Jun-Sep0.45 $/kWh0.13 $/kWh0.32 $/kWh$248
Oct-May0.34 $/kWh0.14 $/kWh0.2 $/kWh$310
PeriodHigh PeakBaseVarianceSavings
Jun-Sep0.28 $/kWh0.13 $/kWh0.15 $/kWh$42
Oct-May0.27 $/kWh0.14 $/kWh0.13 $/kWh$73
Annual storage energy savings$673
TOU-D Option B (TOU-D-B)
PeriodHigh PeakBaseVarianceSavings
Jun-Sep0.34 $/kWh0.13 $/kWh0.21 $/kWh$163
Oct-May0.23 $/kWh0.14 $/kWh0.09 $/kWh$139
PeriodHigh PeakBaseVarianceSavings
Jun-Sep0.17 $/kWh0.13 $/kWh0.04 $/kWh$11
Oct-May0.16 $/kWh0.14 $/kWh0.02 $/kWh$11
Annual storage energy savings$325
TOU-D Option T (TOU-D-T)
PeriodHigh PeakBaseVarianceSavings
Jun-Sep Level 10.35 $/kWh0.18 $/kWh0.17 $/kWh
Jun-Sep Level 20.39 $/kWh0.22 $/kWh0.17 $/kWh$132
Oct-May Level 10.23 $/kWh0.18 $/kWh0.05 $/kWh
Oct-May Level 20.27 $/kWh0.21 $/kWh0.06 $/kWh$93
Annual storage energy savings$225
Energy Storage Arbitrage - Update Apr-2017
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) -Time-of-Use Residential Rate (R-1B)
Battery: LG Chem 9.8 kWh - RESU10
PeriodHigh PeakBaseVarianceSavings
Jul.-Sep.0.23252 $/kWh0.1288 $/kWh0.10365 $/kWh$82
Oct.-Dec.0.14059 $/kWh0.1363 $/kWh0.00429 $/kWh$3
Jan.-Mar.0.14562 $/kWh0.1413 $/kWh0.00429 $/kWh$3
Apr.-May0.14782 $/kWh0.1435 $/kWh0.00429 $/kWh$2
Jun.0.24328 $/kWh0.1396 $/kWh0.10365 $/kWh$27
Annual storage energy savings$119

Time of use load shifting

Shift electrical power load from peak to off-peak times.

Peak Demand Shaving

Peak Shaving, load leveling,and Demand Charge Avoidance


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