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We at SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY, have a vision of accomplishing big things within the industry in regards to both our marketing technique and products.
We are firm believers in the notion that it requires big dreamers to accomplish big things. As such, we have large visions.

Becoming the leading provider of solar energy within the US solar market is a main priority for us, and we are striving to implement environmentally friendly green energy on a large, nationally-based scale. In addition to this, creating an independent energy supply is our goal.

Once we have achieved the former objectives, we would further like to master our marketing technique to serve as a perfected industry baseline model and standard for solar energy providers globally.

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Our mission at SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY is to provide our customers with unique PV analyses to increase their financial and technological advantages,
all the while educating them on utilizing their solar system for utmost profitability.
These goals will always be accomplished with our core values and business principles steadily at the forefront of our minds.