Solar Savings

When you start looking into the world of solar Savings, the first question that you have may be “Will this save me money?” SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY will have the best information on how much it would cost you to get the solar panels that you would need as well as the amount of money you will save by installing a residential solar system or business solar system.

The amount of money you will save depends on:

  • The net metering policy for the area around you. Net metering is what allows people you use solar power to put excess energy back into the grid. So if you are producing more power than you use, you can sell it back to the utility company.
  • The amount of energy you normally use. If you normally have a high power bill and convert to solar, you will see a cost savings. Likewise, if you do not use much energy and only pay the minimum amount, you may not save much money by moving to solar power.
  • Rebates are available depending on where you live and the type of system you have gone with. Rebates will give you cash back on your system if they apply to you.
  • Federal tax credit is another way that a solar panel system will save you money. You will receive a solar investment tax credit that allows you to deduct up to 30% of your residential or commercial solar system.
  • Solar panels will also increase the value of your home. “Solar homes sold 20% faster and for 17% more” NREL study finds October 23rd 2010.


With SOLAR PRICE DISCOVERY’s identical price approach, you will get a customized quote on the best system for you at the right price. No customer preferences, no stories, no discounts.