AKRABOOT The World’s Leading Solution to PV Panel Theft

Secure Weatherproof Simple to Install
Akraboot became a mandatory requirement of the insurance companies worldwide.
PV plant owners & operators as well as insurance companies put their trust in the Akraboot.
In the Akraboot put an end to the plague of solar panel theft, field tested to reduce theft by 90%.
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Why choose Akraboot?

  • A system proven to significantly reduce PV panel theft!
  • Supports all alarm systems
  • Built to last longer than the PV system life cycle
  • Weatherproof against storms
  • Cost Effective
  • Globally Patented
  • Easily installed without damaging panels
  • Suitable for existing PV systems as well as for new plants
  • Modules physically lock PV panels together while attaching them to the construction array
  • Flexible composite materials, ensuring maximum endurance and impregnability.

Exclusive and authorized importer and distributor of SOLARIS ENERGY System & Security.
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3. Options for Protecting Solar Panels

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