Solar Calculator – Terms of use

Solar Calculator Disclaimer:

Solar Price Discovery calculator is indicative only! ALL FIGURES STATED ARE ESTIMATES ONLY AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Environmental condition might affect energy generation. You may be eligible to receive up to 30% of the system price via Federal Tax Credit. Eligibility for Rebates is given by a municipality and aren’t guaranteed. Please consult a tax adviser regarding potential tax benefits.

Additional charges may apply upon roof installation complexity or in case of electrical upgrade requirement.

Saving results based on a net energy metering agreement (NEM 1.0), credits at full retail rates.

“Post-Solar Cost” & Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), are the net cost of the system divided by the sum of Solar PV energy production (kWh-AC) over system lifespan (30YRs).

“30YR Energy Saving” assuming average nominal price escalation rate (1972-2016) of 4%. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The “Annual Generation” based on input “Zip Code” sun hours (GHI Resource) from hourly model output over 11 years (1998-2009) Source: Perez-SUNY/NREL, 2007.

System Losses breakdown: Light-Induced Degradation 3%, DC and AC wiring 2%, Soiling 2%, Mismatch 2%, Diodes and connection 0.5%, Availability 1.5%, Shading 3%.

Inverter and solar panel based on manufacturer specification upon customer form selection.

ASSOCIATE FEES: Utility fees and rates structure are not affected by this proposal and are subject to change.

WARRANTIES: System performances and energy production are given by the manufactures warranties.

COPYRIGHT: This website is owned to Solar Price Discovery Inc.  You are not permitted to reproduce or republish any information.

YOUR PRIVACY : Solar Price Discovery Inc is committed to protecting your privacy, and will not share your information.

Prices are effected for Minimum system size of 3.6kW system.


Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) – Batteries Rebates Calculator

Only SGIP approved reservation requests will be considered.

Assuming CEC weighted efficiency of  97.5%.

In case of existing pv system upgrde,  additional inverter or inverter upgrade might required for additional cost, 

You may not have battry sizing larger than annual max demand needs.